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Amerex (pronounced Ama-Rex) is an independent oil and gas company with corporate offices located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Originally, the American Exploration Company, the name was changed to reflect what the company has been called in the oilfields and throughout the industry. We explore and operate producing properties in the Mid-Continent area of the United States.  Amerex is a team of highly motivated individuals with combined energy experience of over one hundred fifty years of dedication to oil and gas exploration and development. Characterized by our intense approach to find and develop the best possible projects, Amerex utilizes strict criteria to determine project worthiness.  This includes the use of geological, seismic and other specific indicators that provide excellent target potential and controls.  Areas in which we drill must have multiple pay zones and well control that we can draw reasonable conclusions for subsurface modeling. Our strength is generated from a commitment to partners and strong industry standards.

We are providing our partners with high quality prospects and services creating maximum growth in investor value.  We maintain a balanced portfolio of crude oil and natural gas production with exploration opportunities across a diversified geographic asset base.

Amerex is committed to the long-term profitability of every project we undertake.   With the success of our company being measured by the loyalty of our partners, decisions are guided by economics without compromising our integrity. We strive to provide the best possible return on investment with the least risk.  Oil and gas exploration and production is our business - our only business.  We are focused on the games we can win, committed to building on a proven track record in areas where we have a competitive advantage.  It’s about the importance of energy in all our lives and Amerex is proud to provide a role in producing this valuable commodity.

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